Embodied training and mentoring to uncover the Divine feminine in you

Shannon comes with a strong and unusual background. Beginning her career in Leadership, she enjoyed a successful career in the retail art sector for over 20 years. Working with creatives, leaders, and business owners to help them shine their authentic light into the world. Supporting creatives to move through any personal and professional blocks to be able to express their art freely, working with leaders to increase their creative team’s productivity, morale, and flow and supporting business owners to understand the psychology of their creative teams. She specialises in understanding how to get the very best out of leaders and teams to create thriving businesses.

“Absolutely fantastic work. Clear communication. Quick and precise work. Good design ideas whilst also following my vision. Good technically. This was the easiest job I’ve had Completed and I’d recommend Raheel in a heartbeat! Great job I’m really really happy! There were zero hitches, zero problems and east communication. He did exactly what he’d said he’s do in less time than promised. Ideal interaction!"”

Shannon VallanceClient